RaceChip Performance Benefits


¨ 7 fine tuning mappings:  The GTS Black is supplied with the right map for your engine. 7 fine tuning mappings (selected by Digital User Interface) allow s you to choose a map to suit your mood or the engine characteristics.

¨ Up to + 20% MPG: The GTS Black increases the torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. Therefore a higher gear can be selected, less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more efficiently. As a result, your car’s MPG can be increased by up to +20%.

¨ 2x re-programming if you change your car: 2x re-programming included if you change your car. Each additional reprogramming costs $149. USD. Re-programming up to 36 months after purchase(₁).

(1) If the price of th product  for your new car is higher than for the car for which it was previsously configured, an additional charge equivalent to the price difference will be incurred (even if the re-programming itself is free  of charge).

¨ Warm-up timer:  GTS Black activates only when the engine has reached operating temperature, meaning extra protection.

¨ App Control (optional on certain models): As of the first international chip tuning companies, RaceChip has developed a combination of chip tuning and app. This lets you customize your vehicle’s performance characteristics like never before. The combination of chip and app works easily via Bluetooth or your smartphone.