6 Reasons BMW Drivers Use RaceChip for Performance

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So, let's jump right into why BMW drivers are loving RaceChip.



The RaceChip tuning chip is designed to significantly increase the power of your car and enhance its performance. And, this is obvious from the first time you push down on the pedal after installation - you will feel the power instantly. 




Your car will feel punchier with stronger acceleration and sharpened responsiveness like never before. With our GTS Black tune, you can experience as much as 30% more power and torque, a huge difference. The performance increases remain with the engine’s reserve and the engine’s own protection programs are untouched.

Think of it as a performance upgrade for your car.



When you’re burning rubber, fuel consumption is the last thing on your mind. The thrill of speed and response courses through your veins and knowing how much fuel you’re burning is an afterthought. When you have RaceChip, that’s exactly where that concern can reside – as an afterthought.



One of the strong points for RaceChip is the efficiency setting which is engineered to maximize energy intensity in your car’s engine, to then further your mileage. When you install RaceChip you have peace of mind that can save up to 15% fuel consumption. This translates to smarter fuel economy and octane consumption.



Known for being the most popular and technologically innovative company, RaceChip is reaching across the globe as the leader in chip tuning when it comes to engineering greater performance.

The company has achieved great benchmarks over the last three years and even has a great YouTube presence. Check out this video post about the BMW M2 Competition documenting the performance checks after installing the RaceChip GTS Black.


Racechip’s reach has impressed and converted bold and experienced drivers all over the world. They have existing headquarters in Germany (the home base), China, France, the US and the list continues to expand.

It may have to be said that RaceChip is the leader in setting the industry standard for high-quality, consumer-friendly, chip tuning.



Installing after-market products that work in conjunction with major components (e.g., engine performance) can raise some questions about product warranty. RaceChip offers a comprehensive warranty package that provides peace of mind on their products. For example, with the GTS Black and GTS they warrant their product for up to 5 years from date of acquiring the tuning box. They cover components including, but not limited to, the printed circuit board (PCB), the electronics, cable harness and more. To read the full consumer product warranty for more information just click here.



German cars have an undisputed reputation for being the best in the world, and they are the leaders in engineering high-performance vehicles.

So, it should come as no surprise that RaceChip products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany. Moreover, these products are Autobahn tested! How’s that for ensuring a quality product?

If the masterful engineering that goes into the RaceChip products isn’t enough, they have also developed an app that can be added on to any purchase. Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, their smartphone app allows you to setup your car exactly as you desire. You can modify your settings from an economic drive to work, an energetic sprint on Saturday or a rapid-responsive racing car on Sunday. The choice is yours!




Ready to unwrap and open your RaceChip delivery? There is no need to wait for a specialist, or make an appointment with an authorized dealer.

As soon as you get the goods, you are ready to go.

RaceChip makes it easy for you to install this yourself by providing a step-by-step guide on how to “plug-n-play” your new chip tuning box. Once you’ve got it installed and chosen your settings through the app, then you are off to the races!


RaceChip provides all sorts of installation videos on their YouTube channel, but our favorite is actually by AutoTopNL. He walks you through a live installation for a BMW 535d and takes it for a test drive right after – you’ll want to see firsthand how he reacts to the performance changes after he installs a RaceChip in his BMW.

Check out the video here:


Ready to revv up your engine to optimal performance?

Check out our listings for RaceChip tuning chips and get your order in today.


Note for the Reader: We love all things BMW! Especially where it involves enhancing and improving the driving experience. Gear Grinder is an eCommerce retailer and an approved reseller of RaceChip. This review is to share why we are so passionate about this product. If you choose to add to your driving experience by purchasing through our store, then we get to earn a living doing what we love. Thank you!


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